Pebble Nylon Braided Type-C Cable


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General Specifications
Net Weight 82g
Cable Length 1 Meter
Current up to 2.4 A
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS
USB 2.0


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With changing times, there comes changing technologies. What was standard yesterday might be obsolete today. It applies to everything, and it applies to USB ports too. The Type-A USB ports we are so used to seeing may soon become obsolete, getting replaced by Type-C ports. But, in the meantime, we need a way to connect between these two ports. This is exactly what Pebble PNCC10 Type C Cable aims to do.

Get It Right, Always


One of the biggest nuisance with cables is inserting them right. Somehow, they are always upside down (the work of Satan, perhaps). But with PNCC10 Type C Cable, this problem is solved. The reversible design allows you to insert the cable right every time, without even looking. Easy as a cake.

So Fast, So Very Fast


The PNCC10 Type C Cable allows you to transfer data at superfast rates. This means, no more sitting idling in front of the screen and wondering if the transfer would finish within this lifetime or not.

Works With All


The PNCC10 Type C Cable has a universal acceptance, and works with all phone and tablets that follow the standards for Type A and Type C ports.

The Cool Design


If you are bored of the conventional plastic-coated cables, then this is the right one for you. The PNCC10 Type C Cable comes braided with nylon jacket, which makes it sleeker, more durable and more appealing. Such is the durability that it is guaranteed to withstand more than 5000 twists.

Not Long, Not Short


Long is not always desirable in cables, where you might stumble upon it anytime. Neither is too short an option, which might force you to stick with the device to get anything done. Fortunately, PNCC10 Type C Cable comes at just the right length, i.e., 1 meter.

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